S​/​T 7"

by Society Abuse

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Released by Mind Rot Records
Artwork by Denis Halilovic and Tin Tin

Pressing Info
White /104
Seafoam Green /197
Black /198


released August 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Society Abuse Florida


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Track Name: Rights Denied
wars coming to you
it's in your town
the walls have burned down
nothing you can do
nothing you can say
they're systematic
ordered to Kill
volatile eruption
political Corruption
humanities erased
total destruction
do you even see it? volatile eruption
terror squads of the political corruption
forced into line and denied your rights
are you gonna run or are you gonna fight?
Track Name: Negative Pressure
what's the point when nothing works?
stumble through life to end in doubt
negative pressure for you and me
negative pressure, a fucking disease
meaningless existence
forced to live to bear witness
negative pressure for you and me
negative pressure, a fucking disease
everything I tried to do just crumbles in my face
a pointless fucking effort
hope decays into disgrace
I don't know how much longer I can go on
Track Name: Beg
stand in line beg for money
waste my time, when's it coming?
sit inside wait for money
want my help life for nothing
don't ask me for shit, I don't owe you anything
just a lie don't say a word
look just fine, don't need a thing
make it up it's all an act
public image pride's what you lack
I don't owe you a thing
what the fuck is wrong with you
no respect for what you do
imagined lie that you believe
keep that shit away from me
just another piece of shit
Track Name: Violent Crimes
all I see are violent crimes
day and night in my mind
the riot spills out on the street
coming for you fist and feet
law means nothing in the city
the poor can't survive on pity
the violence spills out on the street
anger in their eyes they can't be beat
Track Name: Prison Of Politics
I won't be controlled again
can't believe a lie so thin
they deceive with twisted game
leech in our side to burn away
I won't be controlled
I won't be misled
prison of Politics for my mind
they're organized served to divide
spilling blood religious fraud
escape it all won't be caught
I won't be controlled
I won't be misled
I won't be snuffed out
I won't be force fed