No Pleasure Demo

by Society Abuse

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released April 1, 2014

Recorded by Rafael Morales.



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Track Name: Serving Time
How much more do I have left? I'm serving time in this corrupt life. Serving time while this world bleeds me dry. Every smile and face is a lie. Set to misplace me. Surrounded by liars and fakes. Knife in my hand I can barely cope. So what's the point? Staring into myself while life passes me by. I just can't cope, no reason why. No hope. I'm just serving time.
Track Name: Walk The Line
Walk the line, change outside. You're just another piece of shit. Walk the line, change your mind. You made your bed now die in it. Hiding your past to blend in. Ashamed of your life and your friends. Try so hard to look for acceptance, I hope you turn up dead in a ditch. What happens when you can't change again? Don't want to hear you cry or hear your bullshit tears. Walk the line, change outside just a piece of shit. Walk the line, change your mind I just can't deal with it.
Track Name: Discord
No unity. Don't you get it? We'll never be the same.
No unity. Get it in your head, we're not the same.
Track Name: No Pleasure
No pleasure, no pain.
No more pleasure, no more pain. Erased to nothing, emptiness remains.
I feel no pleasure, I feel no pain. Nothing to hold to, nothing to gain. Modern world has left me cold and dead. Just let me find a place to rest my head.
Track Name: Society Abuse
Society abuse, world's gone to shit so what's the use?
Society abuse, system failed and judgement's overdue.
Society abuse, world's gone insane so what's the use?
Society abuse, system failed now what's your excuse?
What do you think you can change when the government pigs distribute pain? Political puppets enforcing their constraint, you're just a product. Society abuse.